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Sagan-1 Robot Simulator

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I wrote the Sagan-1 Robot Simulator in the framework of the Greenlight@Brussels 2011 day, but in the meantime, I used it for multiple events like OSCON 2012, EU Open Day at the European Commission, Devoxx4Kids.

It’s used to program a robot using simple commands, convenient for kids around 10-14 years old, graphical simulate the outcome and send it (after background cross-compiling) into a real robot. The application is written in Java (1.6) Swing.

Beside of the pure simulation, it supports cross-compiling and downloading into Arexx RP6 and Lego NXT Mindstrom robots out of the box.

Source codes:

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License: All The Sagan-1 project is free and open-souce, released under the GPL v3 license. It is provided as it and you use it at your own risk! By downloading the software you do agree to these terms.

Video - Sagan-1 Robot Simulator Event Pictures 2011/2012

The name SAGAN has been chosen as homage to Dr. Carl Sagan, a very open minded American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, science popularizer and science communicator in astronomy and natural sciences.